Dr. Ruth Marcec-Greaves, DVM, PhD


The dedicated woman in this photo is Dr. Ruth Marcec-Greaves, the "Resident Veterinarian" and presenter at Camp H.O.P.E. 


Ruth graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois and went on to obtain a PhD in Salamander Conservation at Mississippi State University.  She is currently a Director at the Detroit Zoo, where she uses her expertise with amphibians to teach, do research, and to oversee the care of the entire amphibian program.  She is an active member of many veterinary societies and organizations.  Among her many adventures, she has worked with giant salamanders in China, given lectures all over the United States, and has helped breed indigo snakes in Central Florida.  She and her husband have recently been working with frogs in Peru.

Ruth is happily married to Brandon Greaves, and the couple resides in Troy, Michigan.


Ruth loves all animals and has her own 'zoo' at home - a dog, two cats, and a variety of reptiles and amphibians.  She also has a deep desire to preserve all Earth habitats, and it is with enthusiasm that she shares that zeal with the students at Camp H.O.P.E. each summer. 


We are doubly blessed to have Dr. Ruth as part of the Camp H.O.P.E. team -- first of all, because she is extremely knowledgeable in all the biological sciences -- and secondly -- because she is our daughter!